Shock Clock 3 – Alarm Clock for Students & Hard of Hearing – Silent Alarm, Sleep Tracker – Wake Up on Time Without Disturbing Your Partner – Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleeper

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Shock Clock 3 never miss an alarm Pavlok protection and fatures in Shock Clock 3 Customize your Shock Clock 3 Getting Started with Shock clock 3 The new Pavlok App for Shock Clock 3 1 What’s Shock Clock 3? 2 Shock Clock 3 Features 3 Customizations 4 Getting Started 5 Pavlok App

Check out how Shock Clock 3 works!

Shock Clock is no ordinary alarm clock!

Not only can it zap you awake, and wake you up at the perfect time, so you’re on your feet feeling refreshed and ready to go. But, you can also use the shock, vibration, and chime stimulus for other personal use cases.

Choose your snooze button fighter! pavlokpavlok

Shock Clock 3 VS Pavlok 3 & Shock Clock

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3.9 out of 5 stars

3.6 out of 5 stars

3.6 out of 5 stars

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Primary use cases

Waking up & Improving sleep

Break bad habits & Mindfulness

Break bad habits & Mindfulness

Waking up on time

Breaking bad habits

Programmable buttons






Can be submerged in water

Wake up with zap!

Sleep tracking

Scan QR code to turn off alarm

Jumping jacks for alarms

Games & puzzles for alarms

Phone/SMS trigger & more

What happens if my device fails?

Reach out and we will get the ball rolling 🙂

Is the Shock Clock 3 water resistant?

Yes! Up to 4ft or 1m

How long does the battery lasts?

Up to 7 days!

Can I customize all 3 buttons?

Yes, you can set this to your liking within the Pavlok app

What if I need extra help to set my device up?

No worries! Drop us a line and you’ll set your device in no time

Pavlok Plus for Shock clock 3Pavlok Plus for Shock clock 3

Shocks you awake: Wake up on time and become a morning person with the Shock Clock 3, the best alarm for heavy sleepers that delivers an electric shock to ensure you never oversleep again.
Silent and Powerful: The Shock Clock 3 is equipped with silent alarm features that wake you up without waking up your partner, making it perfect for couples and shift workers.
Track Your Sleep Habits: Monitor your sleep patterns and create better habits with the built-in sleep tracker. Understand your sleep quality and improve your overall well-being.
Ideal for Everyone: Designed for students, couples, shift workers, and even the hard of hearing. The Shock Clock 3 meets the diverse needs of anyone who struggle to wake up.
Wake up on time: Never be late again with the Shock Clock 3’s reliable alarm that combines chimes, shocks and vibrations, ensuring you wake up even if you’re a heavy sleeper or hard of hearing.
Seamless Compatibility: The Pavlok app helps you pari your device on your Android or iOS device. Customize alarm settings, control the zap strength, and track your sleep activity, all in one place.
1-Year Replacement Warranty: Our customers are covered by a 1-year replacement warranty. Reach out to us if you encounter any issues with your purchase.


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