NNOXX-One Wearable Muscle Oxygenation and Nitric Oxide Monitor – Exercise Tracking Device – Improves Exercise Efficiency – for Novice and Professional Athletes and Trainers – with AI Fitness Guide

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NNOXX - Brand StoryNNOXX - Brand Story

NNOXX - Brand StoryNNOXX - Brand Story

NNOXX is a revolutionary device in fitness and performance—the first available wearable + mobile dashboard to measure active nitric oxide and oxygen delivery to the body. Pairing a custom-designed wearable device with a smart companion app dashboard, NNOXX unlocks your body’s ability to create active nitric oxide. Grounded in science. Built for performance and health. It’s a platform for next-gen fitness measurements.

NNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Nitric oxideNNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Nitric oxide

Why Nitric Oxide?

Understanding your Nitric oxide (NO) levels equals understanding your fitness efficiency.

NNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenationNNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenation

Why Muscle Oxygenation (SmO2)?

Tracking muscle oxygenation (SmO2) helps athletes understand how their body responds to different types of exercise.

NNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenationNNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenation

The technology behind NNOXX One is 40 years ahead of current wearable technology. Until now, it has been difficult to know how much exercise is needed and how intense it should be to see the best results. Now, there’s no more guesswork. NNOXX’s AI coach will make sure you’re always progressing toward your health and fitness goals. This non-invasive wearable makes tracking your performance and progress more accurate and efficient than ever before.

NNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenationNNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_Muscle oxygenation

Workout Clarity

Track improvements in fitness and physiology without going to a lab with NNOXX’s wearable device with AI-powered mobile app.

NNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_The Future Is NowNNOXX_Brand Story_Brand Focus_The Future Is Now


The NNOXX One wearable monitors oxygen and active nitric oxide levels deep in your working muscles while you exercise in real time.

How do I track my workouts or activities with the device?

Start a workout by selecting the desired activity from the device’s exercise menu. Your device will track your progress and sync the data with the companion mobile app.

How do I download the mobile app?

If you have an iOS device, please go to the Apple app store and search for NNOXX.

If you have an Android device, please go to the Google Play store and search for NNOXX. *Apps will be available in August 2024.

Do you need to perform a baseline test for the AI to calibrate?

This is built into the AI coach through a standardized warm-up process, which will be used to calibrate measurements to help guide you through each workout.

When I use the mobile app, do activities automatically start when I begin working out?

No, you will be prompted to select the type of activity prior to starting your workout.

I ordered the NNOXX One device, when does my membership start?

Your membership will begin on the date your NNOXX One device is shipped.

Does the device have to be placed on the same area during each workout?

Not necessarily, but we recommend it. The exception is if someone is specifically targeting a different muscle group, through weightlifting, for example. Placing it in the same place will help to ensure a consistently accurate measurement and subsequent improvement over time.

Will you need to use tape or wraps to cover the sensor?

The strap that comes with your NNOXX device has a built-in light shield, so you don’t need to have any other tape or external straps.

Does it matter where you wear the device?

Device measurement is most effective if the device is placed on a muscle group that is in movement when you are exercising. During the most common exercises—like running, cycling, walking, etc. – the legs are in motion. In that case, we recommend placing the NNOXX One device on a thigh muscle.

Can I wear it over my pants or shirt or does the device need to be placed directly on my skin?

The NNOXX device should be placed directly on your skin for accurate readings.

What can the NNOXX One device monitor?

The NNOXX One device measures muscle oxygenation and nitric oxide levels. In addition, the NNOXX One High Performance Platform (HPP) also measures Oxygen Consumption/mVO2, Internal Training Load (ITL), acceleration, and skin temperature.

How soon should someone expect to see results?

If you follow guidance provided as part of the NNOXX One platform, you should be able to see an increase in your nitric oxide levels during even the first exercise, as it is dynamic. The key to consistent improvement is ongoing and regular use.

What are the benefits of measuring nitric oxide (NO) and muscle oxygenation (SmO2)?

Exercise works by increasing nitric oxide (NO) levels in your body. Muscle oxygenation (SmO2) is the level of oxygen in muscles, and the best indicator of exercise intensity. Together, NO and SmO2 are the best way to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your workout. With NNOXX One, you finally have a way to ensure you are making the most of your workout.

How long does NNOXX One take to calibrate to my NO levels?

NNOXX One calibrates instantly.

Why NNOXX? NNOXX is much more than your typical fitness monitoring technology. By monitoring Nitric Oxide and SmO2, you get a deeper understanding of the impact of your workout. Monitoring SmO2 indicates your metabolic activity and provides insights into how well a muscle is functioning. NNOXX uses patent-pending biosensors to measure the amount of oxygen and nitric oxide in the body so wearing NNOXX during a workout is like getting a full slate of lab work at home.
Muscle Oxygenation. Muscle oxygenation is the percentage of blood in the muscle that is carrying oxygen. Muscle oxygenation, or SmO2, is an important indicator of metabolic activity and provides insights into how well a muscle is functioning. Tracking muscle oxygenation (SmO2) can help athletes understand how their body responds to different types of exercise and make informed decisions about training intensity and duration.
Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is the body’s natural regulator for oxygen delivery to muscle tissue. More nitric oxide means better overall health and performance. By measuring muscle oxygenation and nitric oxide in real time, NNOXX provides the most accurate measure of effective exercise and performance.
AI Powered Coaching. How do you know if your exercise is effective at increasing oxygen supply and nourishing your tissues? NNOXX will tell you! Walk, run, bike, or choose your favorite form of exercise, and our AI coach will guide your workouts to maximize your nitric oxide level. NNOXX’s AI coach monitors your progress and guides your exercise intensity to increase nitric oxide levels and improve performance.
Convenient Membership Program. Choose from two different membership programs based on your athletic needs. The NNOXX One membership allows you to connect and upload all of your workouts to the NNOXX mobile app for $200/year.


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