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Cheek Performance BrandCheek Performance Brand

About Cheek Performance

Cheek Performance is a sports nutrition brand that engineers premium supplements and equipment for women who are dedicated to building an elite physique and healthy lifestyle.

Our brand ethos is Discipline, Consistency and Patience. These are the pillars of an elite mindset that will build you the physique you desire. An elite mindset combined with feeding your body the proper nutrition and lifting weights with proper form will build your body and mind into an unstoppable force.

We fuel athletes on the way up. We want to be your ride or die. And we will be by your side every step of the way!

Cheek Performance Fabric Resistance Bands Are Made From Premium Materials

Fabric Resistence BandsFabric Resistence Bands

The Fabric Resistance Band Trusted By Athlete’s and Influencers

Elevate your fitness routine with Cheek Performance fabric resistance bands. The trusted choice among athletes and influencers alike.

Engineered for durability and performance, our bands are crafted from premium materials to withstand intense workouts. Whether you’re targeting glute activation or enhancing full-body strength, these bands are designed to deliver exceptional results.

glute workoutglute workout

Cheek Performance Fabric Resistance Bands

Perform complex glute workouts without pinching and slipping. These bands do not move so you can perform every single rep without interruption and readjusting.

Join our Fitness Community

Join Our Fitness CommunityJoin Our Fitness Community

Embrace the virtues of discipline, consistency, and patient and watch where it takes you. For mindset, fitness and nutrition tips join our vibrant and growing communities across all our social media channels.

NONSLIP NO PINCH: This fabric layer provides a comfortable and non-slip surface against the skin and helps prevent the band from rolling or bunching up during intense workouts.
3 RESISTANCE LEVELS: This resistance bands set contains three levels of resistances making them the perfect accessory to build muscular glutes from home, while traveling or at the GYM. Black and White: 15 to 25 LB Resistance Red White Blue: 25 to 35 LB Resistance Red and White: 40 to 50 LB Resistance
COFFEE INFUSED FABRIC: The fabric is infused with odor-absorbing coffee-based yarn to reduce odor from intense workouts.
INCLUDES CARRY BAG. For easy transport we include a drawstring carry bag.
FOLLOW OUR ONLINE TRAINING VIDEOS. Follow CHEEK PERFORMANCE on Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram for glute band training video by elite athletes for instructions and tips on how to best perform each exercise with your cloth resistance bands for women.
BENEFITS PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: Fabric resistance bands allow for progressive resistance, which is crucial for building muscle. As your glutes adapt and become stronger, you can use bands with higher resistance levels to continually challenge your muscles. This progressive overload is a key factor in muscle growth.
ISOLATION AND ACTIVATION: Fabric resistance bands are excellent for isolating and activating the glute muscles. They create constant tension throughout exercises, ensuring that your glutes are fully engaged during each repetition. This targeted activation can lead to more effective muscle building.
VARIETY OF GLUTE WORKOUTS: Fabric resistance bands offer a wide range of glute-targeted exercises, such as squats, bridges, and leg abductions. This variety allows you to work your glutes from different angles and with different movement patterns, promoting balanced muscle development and overall growth.
After 12 weeks: ** ENHANCED OVERALL GLUTE ROUNDNESS: The combination of increased glute muscle size, tone and definition will be noticeable for that perfect radius.
INCREASED GLUTE STRENGTH: Your glute muscles will become noticeably stronger, allowing you to perform weighted glute exercises with greater ease and lift heavier weights during workouts. IMPROVED MUSCLE DEFINITION: As you continue your resistance band workouts, you’ll see greater muscle definition in your glutes, and leg muscles with increased separation and contours.



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