Elliptical Power Cord 179481

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Part #: 179481
Meets or exceeds oem standard for length and AWG
Listed on the following equipment:
Epic – E 760 Elliptical – EPEL79750
Epic – E 760 Elliptical – EPEL79751
Epic – E 950 – EPCCEL09960
Epic – E 950 – EPEL09950
Epic – EL 1200 Commercial Pro – EPEL79060
Epic – EL 1200 Commercial Pro – EPEL79062
Epic – EL 1200 Commercial Pro – EPEL79063
FreeMotion – 3000 XLS Treadmill – VFMTL11060
FreeMotion – 3500 XLS Treadmill – VFMTL12060
FreeMotion – C 11.4 – FMEX824100
FreeMotion – C 11.4 – FMEX824101
FreeMotion – C 11.4 – FMEX824102
FreeMotion – C 11.4 – FMEX824104
FreeMotion – e11.6 – FMEL844100
FreeMotion – e11.6 – FMEL844101
FreeMotion – e11.6 – FMEL844102
FreeMotion – e11.6 – FMEL844103
FreeMotion – e11.6 – FMEL844104
FreeMotion – e4.2 – SFEL910090
FreeMotion – e7.7 – VMEL819110
FreeMotion – e7.7 – VMEL819111
FreeMotion – e7.7 – VMEL819112
FreeMotion – e7.7 – VMEL819113
FreeMotion – e7.7 – VMEL819114
FreeMotion – Epic T20 – FMTL24940
FreeMotion – Epic T40 – FMTL39940
FreeMotion – f5.6 – 831.300090
FreeMotion – f5.6 – SFSR819080
FreeMotion – f5.8 – SFSR823080
HealthRider – 9.5 EX CROSSTRAINER EL – HREL89060
HealthRider – Aire Strider E60 – HRCCEL59930
HealthRider – Aire Strider E60 – HREL59930

Reliable Replacement Power Cord: Our Hydra Fitness Exchange power cord, featuring a male-to-male connector, ensures uninterrupted power flow to treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. With its durable construction, this line cord power cable guarantees safety and reliability for consistent performance during workouts.
Versatile Universal Power Tool Cord: Our OEM original universal power cable is compatible with various treadmill models and exercise equipment, such as the E 950, 3500, e4.2, and 9.5 EX. A long power cable line cord ensures a hassle-free setup and reliable power supply for indoor and outdoor exercise setups.
Power Supply Cord Replacement: Our indoor and outdoor 3 pin connector AC power cords ensure stable power for your exercise machine. The power supply cable guarantees consistent performance with a 3-pin connector and a secure fit. Crafted with durable materials like a power tool cord and an electric cord, it offers reliability for your fitness routine.
Heavy-Duty Electric Cable: Our power cable for exercise machines withstands intense workout sessions. Made from premium materials, including a sturdy power supply and line cord, it ensures longevity and safety. The electric cord is suitable for most TVs, monitors, printers, portable electronic equipment, and other appliances with a similar plug.
Expert Support: We can find a local technician if you’re unsure about repairing your equipment. Find your model and serial number in the product description to purchase top-quality replacement parts like treadmill parts, replacement power cables, 3 prong power cords, or angle power cords for optimal performance. We’re here to assist whenever you need it.


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