Arm Exerciser, Adjustable 22-661 Lbs Hydraulic Power Twister, Home Chest Expander, Shoulder Muscle Training Fitness Equipment, Arm Enhanced Exercise for Men and Women

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Power Twister Arm Exerciser
A strength training fitness equipment that is very suitable for home, office, and gym.When you have a short break, it is easy to take and use, and use it to vent the stress of the day.The device has different levels of hydraulic resistance, from 22 pounds to as high as 661 pounds, and the stepless knob adjustment speed is faster than the repositioning pin.It can be used to exercise biceps and triceps. It is simple to use, suitable for home fitness equipment, durable, and can be used continuously for many years.
product information:
Product name: Power Twister, Arm Exerciser, Hydraulic Power Twister, Adjustable Arm-Exerciser, Adjustable Hydraulic Power Twister
Material: High-density double carbon steel
color: Black , Black+Push-up stand , Black+Abdominal wheel
size: 10-300 kg(22-661 lbs)
Design: Steady triangle center design
Applicable places: home, office, gym, dormitory
Benefits of use: exercise shoulders, hands, chest, triceps, biceps
Package content: 1 x Power Twister Arm Exerciser, 1x sports palm guard, 1x sports wrist gloves
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1. After receiving the order, we will immediately organize the warehouse for delivery, the time is 10-21 days.
2. After receiving the package, if you are not satisfied, please contact me by mail, I will solve the problem perfectly for you.
3. We are committed to providing perfect service for every customer who likes to exercise. There are many similar products in the store, you can enter our store to check.

【Hydraulic Pressure Protection】Research shows it is very dangerous to use spring power twister,because its springback is violent,easy to hurt you;the spring in the middle will easily pinch youself;the spring is prone to break after prolonged use.Please throw away those spring power twister,try our hydraulic power twister which is safer and more durable becasue of the patented hydraulic adjustment system principle.There is no danger of the spring breaking,won’t rebound and hurt yourself!
【Adjustable Resistance】The resistance strength of 10-200kg(22-330lbs) can be adjusted freely to meet the fitness requirements of different stages, you don’t need to buy new ones when your strength level increases. Just rotating the knob, resistance can be adjusted, faster than car shifting.
【Golden Ratio Triangle Structure】Specially designed golden ratio triangle structure for this arm twister bar always keep device in a stable state, ensure safety of using. The opening angle of arms will not change neither the motion track will although you change the resistance, thus, you will work out most muscles without having to change arm movement during exercise.
【Durable Material】The hydraulic arm exerciser is made of high-density double carbon steel, strong and durable. Passed 100000 endurance tests, won’t easily be defomed and broken. Ergonomically designed PU handle provides you with a more comfortable grip. Anti-slip texture design protects against accidental falling off, make your workout safer.
【Best Gift Ever for Exercisers】Health and fitness is the most important, no matter professional or amateur, novice or veteran, young or old, male or female, bodybuilder or fitness exerciser, this hydraulic arm machine is always a perfect strength training choice. With this exercising tool, you could enjoy professional strength training at home together with your family.


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